Coutn It All Joy


Hello my beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ and followers I write to you a simple message. “Count it all as joy, no matter what we go through.

Well let me start off with our God is wonderful and forgiven. I’m still here by the grace of God. The devil visited this morning when they came forth to disconnect one of my utilities. The devil thought he had won but God was already there making a way. I did not get upset or start to chastise myself because the one they decided to shut down was one I didn’t need as much as the other but God said be still my child I have already taken care of this for you.

He said count this as joy as well. So I did! I rejoiced in the love my Lord has for me and while doing it I rebuked the devil because he could not reside in my home anymore. He tried to make me feel bad but God said you’re my child and this I have taken care of. So with a smile on my face and joy in my heart I had to send the devil on his way.

My brothers and sisters no matter what it is that you are facing right now, count it all as joy, and know God is making a way for you. You’re the child of a king and if he can feed and provide for the birds that can not pray, please know he will sure provide for those of us who have faith in him. I know sometimes our trials seem like forever and it seems like there’s not a light within miles, but God is working it out in your favor. I know sometimes we want to give up and surrender but then we’re telling the devil we’re not strong enough.

Things in my life has not been good over the years but lately I’ve found reasons just to praise no matter what it is I may be facing. I just want you to know you can make it too. I know the Lord I serve and I know these rough days are limited and God is about to bring us into our abundance season. There will be more than enough money to buy a home, a car and the necessities needed. There will be more than enough food, and nothing will be taken but you have to trust in the Lord and the promises he made because he is God and he can not lie.

We have to be willing to go through the fire to reach our destiny. God is good! Whatever it is that you’re going through count it all as joy!

I love you but God loves you more.


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