Favor Aint Fair


Screaming how great our Father in Heaven is and how he loves me! Well as I wrote yesterday I explained that bills were due and I had no way to pay them. I was being reminded of the lack of income I had coming in and because of this I was feeling pretty bad about my role in this life. I was thinking about my kids and how I was failing them as a parent and my Lord and what I had done to him that would have him isolate me.

That was the devil screaming in my ear how unfit I was and how my Lord had left me to battle this event on my own. I was feeling pretty bad but I got to my knees to pray and I asked the Lord for strength. I laid my head down for a night’s rest and it came easy. As I woke this morning I knew that some of my utilities was due to be shut off this day but to my surprise my home was still running. Every thing was running except the one bill I can honestly do without because it is a luxury item in my eyes.

So here I am to tell you favor ain’t fair! It’s amazing to know how much our Lord loves us and the things he does in our favor. I don’t have an income but God is still providing lights, water, gas, shelter and food for us. Things that should be working against is now in my favor. I am still detoxing my body from the habit I had and things are still working according to God’s plan.

Honey, this is too good to be true but with the Lord as our focus anything is possible. I had a weak moment yesterday but God was right there to carry me and then he gave me the strength I needed to move forward. Favor ain’t fair but God said all who acknowledge him would inherit the kingdom. I am so glad to know the Lord and to be his daughter. I am so glad that he is always there when needed and his word is his bond.

It is a blessing to have someone who cares this much for us that nothing is ever too much to ask for. I just want to say thank you Lord for your favor. Things will be better and my faith is ever-increasing because of the testimonies the Lord has given me. I am in love with my Father because he never ceases to amaze me.

If you haven’t found him yet, he’s not far…….

I love you but God loves you more


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