Today has been rough but I had a good nights rest. I woke up to my mothering calling my name and when asked what she needed  she simple said,”to see if you were woke.” Then the devil came to stir up trouble and he used the only person in the house up, yes, my mother. She started telling me about bills due as if I was unaware of their existence. These things she has decided to discuss only heightens my stress levels but I have already given these things to the Lord.

We all know that I don’t have a income coming in at the time but there is some income coming just not from me. Well telephone and Dish were paid but I feel those are bills that could be put off when you have light, water, gas and rent due but it’s not my money. At the current moment my head is all over the place but I am counting it all joy and thanking God for these trials because it allows me to see who is really in our corner.

I’m not going to embellish how I feel right now, because I am angry, upset, frustrated, confused and bitter but I have not given up. I do feel as if I am failing in an area that God has sent for my good. I am weak and I need strength to get through this day because there’s to much going on right now.

Lord, I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus, he is a liar, manipulator, thief and scum and although he has come to destroy, kill and steal from me, I can’t give in to him. I know I serve an amazing God and things will work out in my favor. This is just a test of my faith and with the Lord by my side I know I have been equipped with enough to get through this all. Lord, touch me and give me the strength to continue through this trial. I need you and I’m serving the devil his eviction notice……


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