A Mother’s Love (Incomplete)


A mother’s love

Sometimes, I find myself wondering exactly what is a mother’s love. Is it truly love or a feeling of obligation by one who has given birth. I lose myself in thought, especially, when in the society I see today so many willingly given up this choice. Children found in different locations with only a blanket and others lose their life before it is ever started. Men and women created souls as a mean of keeping each other in a relationship that’s falling a part. While others only looking for a means of collecting a check, hoping and praying that this is their way out. Others treating them like meal tickets and many being neglected or left on corners. So tell me, what is a mother’s love!

Some tell me this is a feeling you get when you have a child. Many call it a mother’s instinct and from the first sight you are ready to give this little creation the world. So does this mean not all mothers receive this. So is this a blessing or a curse? It’s the little voice inside of you that tells you that someone loves you unconditionally. These are only words that run through my mind.

I myself grew up in a house where my mother’s love should have comforted me but didn’t. I started to ask myself is this what this is supposed to be. As a child we look to our parents as protection, guidance and heroes but maybe I had a misconstrued idea of what a mother’s love truly was. Maybe my mother had lost her love for herself and therefore was unable to give me the love I needed. Whatever the case maybe I found myself alone in a world where a mother’s love was needed but was not received.

I’m a mom now and this to me was a gift from God. I found myself infatuated by this little human growing inside me before I ever knew what it was. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until the day I met each one of my kids. I learned how to fall in love a million times with every glimpse into their eyes or heard their little laughter. So let me tell you my version of a mother’s love.

It’s God’s way of given you his angels here on Earth for a limited amount of time. You fall in love from the moment you begin to realize they are inside of you. The love in your heart grows to unconditional once that little person emerges into this place called Earth. You notice ten toes and ten little fingers but nothing short of a miracle. I know a few I think God made special to be different among a crowd so the world would know just how great God is. You embrace everything about this tiny person and from the moment you meet you see your heart somehow outside your chest in your hands. A mother’s love!

You smile at everything they do and you gentle care for them wanting to make sure they are comfortable. You sacrifice sleep, clothing and time to name a few but nothing matters when it comes to such an adorable cutie. You watch him/her sleep, get ecstatic to see them smile and for the first time in your life you understand baby talk. As they grow you want to protect them and guide them as life takes on. They start to want to be independent and seems to break your heart. A mother’s love is never


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