Like a Kid in the Candy Store


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ and life. This morning the devil showed up early to bring forth disaster in different areas of my life all at once. First, my oldest found his self among a group of people who did not have the best intentions while having fun. He seems to lately find his self in the wrong place at the wrong time. I do understand that he wants to enjoy life while he takes a year off before starting college but as a parent we still worry about our kids. I refuse to allow this distraction because I have given my kids to my father and I know he will protect them and guide them better than I can. My oldest is about to be a man and although that time is approaching fast, I can only pray that the foundation I gave him as a single parent has prepared him for life as a man in today’s world.

Then he tried again but this time it was through someone I have done favors for because I understand shortage. I was told that they would bring me what they owed me but never showed up. I later saw them on social sites with a product not by me but that was not my battle. My case was if you know you owe me, don’t call and offer me payment and then not show up, but online dressed and rocking a new set that I know cost way more than what you owed me. I won’t let it stress me because I may be going through hard times, I’m not out because God has me. So keep what you owe me and I cancel your debt but I will no longer be able to offer my services to you. So I gave that to God as well.

Then my 3rd son was up and sitting with my mom. She was getting ready to go see my nephew who is currently incarcerated and he wanted to see him as well. I heard her say he was going so I said nothing to him as he prepared to get dressed. Well my other son decides he wants to go but my mom gets to fussing about room and things. Now I was okay with making my other son stay because he had not gotten dressed and was procrastinating the whole time. So while they wait, they go outside to feed their puppies, my mom says I’m just going to leave him and I felt some type of way because you already told him he can go and he is ready, so when he came in and heard the news he starts to cry and now I’m in my feelings deeper.

The devil is strong today but I feel like a big kid in a candy store. Why? I feel like if the devil is trying to attack me like this and I am already going through the fire; honey, God is about to fulfill every aspect of my life that was in the ringer. I am jumping with a rejoicing heart because if he’s willing to continue to kick me while I am down then I know the Lord has his hands in my finances, love life, spiritual life, family and etc. He is stirring the emotional, financial, spiritual, physical, mental, psychological aspects of my life and no stone will be unturned.

If the devil is taking his time to continue to throw stones at me when I am already battered and bruised, I know God is building an amazing place with each stone. I can’t stop nor won’t stop! Every praise alerts the devil that I am still making progress. It kills him more and more to know he’s given me his best shot but here I am still standing on the word and promises my Lord has shared with us all. I am living by his instruction manual.

The Lord is blessing us all! I love you but God loves you more


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