Good morning my gorgeous followers and fellow bloggers, I pray your morning starts off with a deep conversation with the Lord. As we all know I pretty much discuss my life and whatever is on my heart, Well this morning the topic is dating and marriage.

Well I have been single and celibate for a while now and I am not complaining about my current status at this time. As I look on social media and around the place where I live I don’t feel as if I am missing out on much. Please don’t mistake that as a statement that I don’t want love because that’s far from truth.

I have always wanted to be married and bonded to someone who loved me and took the vows spoken seriously but as stated in my other posts I was raped and that perfect moment disappeared. However, I didn’t give up on love but I settled for what was offered at the time and not what I deserved.

I am very old-fashioned;some say I have an old soul, so my idea of dating and marriage is what I call traditional. I believe that a woman should be courted! I believe that a man should ask a woman out and they should date and actually take the time to get to know each other before jumping into “situationships.”

After being raped I didn’t follow this rule I had in place for myself. I felt lost and just wanted to be loved and held but I went about it the wrong way. Instead of accepting what had happened and starting over, I decided to try to find love by lowering my guard and accepting things that I knew I wasn’t okay with.

Today as I look at social media sites and at the people of this world I see a lot of broken hearts. Good men falling for “bad girls” and good women falling for “bad boys.” No one is dating anymore but jumping from one relationship to the next, not giving themselves time to heal from the current broken heart. I see women accepting the “other woman” role as if it’s something to be proud of but then being angry when they find out this man is seeing someone else or deciding to stay in his relationship. I see men proudly being “players” but upset with women when they no longer want to be a part of their love triangles.

I see so many children growing up without fathers because they out trying to increase their quantity versus quality of women. Women having kids to try to keep men and then abandoning them when the relationship goes south.

I’ve failed the idea and dream God formed in us all. I’ve fallen for the lies and the weak game seeking love that wasn’t there. I know we have all fallen for something and trying to work things out with someone God was trying to separate us from. Sometimes we search for so long to find love we start to wonder what is wrong with us but the truth is we should allow love to find us the way God intended us to. If we allow God to bring the love he has for us it’s a beautiful thing.

I saw God’s love in couples and I often found myself in awe when I heard their stories. I remember working in nursing homes and seeing couples still by each other side and it’s something I have always wanted. When I say I am traditional, I mean I believe in man being head of household. That doesn’t mean I am limited on what I can bring to the table but I believe that man was given the right to lead by God and if he follows Christ then he will always do what’s best for his family. I understand that God is the head of church, man is head of house and all else falls into place. If a man is invested in Christ he will make sure to provide a safe, protective, loving environment for his wife and kids. He will please his family and the wife will dedicate herself to him. When they both love each other and keep God first their kids will benefit from that love because it will be the foundation that they are raised with and they will see two loving parents ready and willing to be there unconditionally.

I have always wanted to be the traditional wife because of how I view the roles each member plays in this union. I want to be excited to see my best-friend, lover and spouse always. I want to be involved in the life of my children. Right now so many men are playing roles that they are not suited for and leave women being single mothers and it’s not how God designed us to live.

We have to save ourselves for the man God has for us, otherwise we go off searching in unforeseen places that often lead to heartbreak. Also we need to understand that being submissive is not a degrading factor in being a woman. It means you married a man who is able to lead and you can trust him to be what God created him to be.

To be continued……

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