Lord, Change Me!!!


Proverbs 8 has been read and my post today is about change!

Lord, I want to be like you and in order for that to happen I need you to help. During these times when I am sincere about wanting to walk in your light a lot of things about myself have been drawn to my attention. I know you have brought forth these things for me to work on and I will put forth every effort to get it right.

I cuss not as much as I use to but I still do. I know this is not pleasing to you! I have always been negative but I know that it is not like you to allow negativity to destroy us. I often beat myself up and feel as if I am doomed before I ever get started but I know this is something I must change. I also dip, being the little country girl this has been a habit in my life for a while but I know it is time I stop because this is not pleasing to you.

Although, I do not smoke, drink or etc the things that take my desire from you is not pleasing in your eyes. Lord, I need your help as I decide to let these things go! Lord, be with me and give me the strength I need to endure the days ahead of me. Lord, I want to walk in your ways and allow my life to be pleasing to you!

Give the strength to fight this laziness I am experiencing because you have given me many tasks to do. I want my life to be an example of how great you are and the words that flow from me to be the best part of the loving heart you have given to me.

Lord, I thank you for giving me the desire to follow you.

I love you but God loves you more!


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