Independence Day


Happy Independence Day to all!

This is the day we celebrate independence, with all the tragedy in the news, I ask God to watch over us all. As we go about celebrating this day I ask that you say a prayer for the men and women who sacrafice their lives to protect strangers and their families. I ask that we remember every day the selfless acts they perform when they voluntarily walk away from their families to defend a country that have not only turned their backs on them in many ways but also disrespect the work they do. I ask that we pray for their families who at some point have to say farewell to them as they live to fight on the battle field.

I ask that we remember who they are in Christ and that we say prayers to return them home safely. Remember that we are one united in Christ. We all bleed red and hurt in the same ways. Nothing is separated by color except the people. If we remember this day and what it is meant we can understand that Christ sees no color but love us all the same. We should be able to stand beside one another to lift each other up as brothers and sisters in Christ. We should be able to embrace each other when this world seems to be falling a part.

God sees no difference and we shouldn’t either. Men and women die to give us the rights we have and we should be honored enough to love each other as Christ loves us. Remember God sent his only begotten son to die for our sins and we should act and celebrate accordingly. Celebrate but be responsible enough to not drink and drive. Celebrate without fighting but embrace each other and celebrate in union. God loves you and so do I! Please say thank you to a service man or woman for the selfless act they choose to do!


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