To Love


What a wonderful God we serve! I share my life with others to help and to inspire them but yesterday I was reading a post called,” The Greatest Commandment is Not….” by Hope Stands.

Here is a few passages from that post:

We assume that our mission in life is to be loved as much as possible by those in our lives, be they human or divine……

But the greatest commandment is not be loved, but love.

As I went about my day after reading this, it kept playing over in my head and I knew it was something God was trying to tell me and I needed to get the message to move forward in my life mission to please God. I have often mentioned all the hardship I have faced in my life and how God placed in me a loving heart.

This is very true God gave me a huge heart but while I went about life trying to figure out how to use this heart to please God I was being blind to the purpose of my heart. I am blessed to be the kind of person who would help others and quickly forgive the actions another takes against me. Was I doing my part in God’s eyes?

No, I wasn’t doing enough!

I was searching for someone to love me, my family, friends, strangers and men. I felt that God wanted us to share love but my view was twisted in so many ways. I sat and blamed my mother for not loving me the way I felt I should be loved as her daughter. The truth is maybe God sent me here to love her, to show her how to be receptive to love and to allow her insight on how to love.

I often craved family reunions to spend time with my family but they never happened. I often felt and still feel as the black sheep of my family but now I feel differently. I am here to spread my love to others.

God said,”to love not to be loved!”

As much as I would love to be loved, I understand that to be pleasing to God and the gift he gave me I have to learn to love people, not just those who love me but those that don’t. I am thankful to Hope Stands because God used their post to help me understand myself and to fix an area in my life that was blocking the things God needed me to fix.

God amazes me in his work and how he can use others to help us. I know how to love but I was having a hard time because I was searching to be loved. God wanted me to love all, to walk through this world spreading a seed of love in the hearts of those who seemed incapable of this toward others.

I know that my heart will do as the Lord has commanded and I will do it with joy in my heart!


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