This Day……


Thank You Lord for this day!

Well people I want to say God is good! I woke this morning after a good nights rest. My mom and I actually had productive conversation night reminiscing over some things from the past. It was actually pretty comforting to be able to talk to her without any disagreements. So God ended the night on a good note, because it’s hard living with someone you can’t even talk on occasions. So I am thankful that God brought peace into this house even if it was just for a moment. I am glad about it!

Well I tried to enlist a few friends and family on Facebook to join me in the Proverbs 31 challenge. For those who don’t know what this is. It’s when you read a chapter of Proverbs every for the month of June and report what you got out of it. No one joined but I wasn’t distracted from my own decision to do the challenge. Anyone who craves a relationship with God will take every opportunity to learn more of his words and his instructions for living a godly life with him and through him.

My first chapter started today and it basically said that we should follow Christ’s way of living and not man. Man can not open the doors of Heaven and grant us entry. Only the Lord has that ability. It was confirmation of his ability to save our souls and offer us everlasting life.

So after months of barely having enough food, today God brought us more than enough to supply our needs. It was much-needed and at just the right time. My faith got us through and God once again brought forth an abundance to my family. I won’t say that I was happy because that would be an understatement. I was elated to see him at work in providing for my family and I.

I saw the devil in action too because of my generous heart, compliments of the Lord, I extended a hand to a family member who embellished her needs but I did not get upset because I know God sits high and watches below. It did sting a little because after months of having just enough, someone wanted to try to take advantage of what God was doing in our life to only satisfy their greed for a moment. I will just say a prayer for them.

Well I am here to say that I know my life and the trials I am going through at the moment but I know God will make a way for us all. I know that the darkness I have had to face is only to make me stronger for the blessings I am about to receive. I understand that God will deliver me from the obstacles that once were placed before me as a distraction from what God needed me to do and the changes God needed me to make in my life.

I am not a saint but God is slowly bringing me out of a world filled with hatred, disbelief, hurt and pain. I am walking into the world of love, forgiveness, peace and transformation. I now can understand the pain that one goes through when storms hit us like a 18 wheeler on full impact. I may not have much but I won’t turn my back on those who need my help. I just pray that God will order every step I take in life and give me the strength to continue to endure whatever the devil throws my way.

Although, I have witnessed a man play homeless to do his dirty work while bamboozling hardworking people out of their money. He had a nice home, drove a nice vehicle, dressed to impress and always had money but because of the way he made his money he played homeless to keep the police off his trail. I have also know that not every man/woman on the corner is trying to scam us. I have no problem reaching out to them because I know how life can fall a part before your very eyes. I have witnessed this with my own eyes. I can only say God hears and sees all. He will make a way and change is coming if you just hold on.

God is coming and I want to be with him! I am not out the woods yet but I am stable in my faith and advancing forward. I don’t know the route the Lord has prepared for me but I am willing to travel it, even if I must do it alone. I seek to follow his ways and to leave the ways of man behind me. I will be better person because with every breath God gives me I plan to use to praise my Father and if he allows me to I will share it with everyone that crosses my path. I am not seeking to push my faith on anyone but I am simple telling my story of how God saved me.

My current situation is temporary because God has promised better days. In fact his promises will bring forth the days that once seemed impossible. I know a change is coming because it’s already happening. My God is working it all out in our favor if we believe in him and his son. My God is a miracle worker! He is also my musician and no matter what this day may bring I’m dancing in the rain. God is Alive!


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