There’s Praise in My Heart


You are God all by yourself! Lord, I just want to say thank you for giving me life. I know I am loved despite all I have been through. I am somebody because you love me.

There’s a praise in my heart that will forever lift your name on high. I am praising you while I stand under this dark cloud because I know I will come out stronger than I went in. Lord, I love you because you first loved me!

I’m created to live for you, to work in your favor, to praise you through my worst days and even my glory days. How blessed I am who can stand before man and give my testimony about how you spared my life. As I sit here now I want to cry, not tears of distress but tears of joy. As I reflect over all that has happened in my 32 years on this Earth I am blessed to be still standing.

I was created, given to a man and woman to be loved but my father was taken and my mother wasn’t sure how to love me anymore but you stepped in and loved me unconditionally because you created me in your image to be your daughter. I don’t know how my life will play out but thank you for watching over me and protecting me always. I had the best parent in you. I grew up wanting a better bond with you and even when I lost my focus you still carried me to better days.

I didn’t know love from most of my family but God you held me during my weak days when I needed a hug. You comforted me during my dark days. Lord,  you were all I needed from the beginning. It wasn’t the world I needed but it was my Father who created me. Lord, I have a praise in my heart.

When I was raped it was you who took care of me. You said you would seek justice for the crime against me and I believed you then but questioned you now. What was I thinking? You gave me a worthy testimony because from that tragedy you gave me a marvelous testimony with the birth of my son. Lord, you redeemed my life by repositioning me in life.

I tried loving a man and was hurt but even from that I have my own testimony because you protected my heart and showed me my own faults and I knew I needed to change who I was not for man but for myself because I was destined to walk with you. Lord, I have a praise in my heart. You rescued me time and time again. I was able to work with people who had AIDS and HIV and although many ran from them I was able to comfort them because of this loving heart you placed inside of me. I had no need to fear because I served through you and for you. I was stuck with so many needles but you rescued me. Lord, I have a praise in me. Lord, I’ve held hands of those who were dying, talked to those who needed a friend and gave people my last because I was designed to be the help to my fellow person. I have a praise in me!

Lord, I am a mother of four boys and with every breath I praise you over them and pray for them always because I know the power of prayer. I placed my kids in your hands because I know that even when I am unable to care for them you always have their best interest at heart. Lord, I am who I am because of you and how you have touched me. There’s a praise in me and I call upon you.

Lord, as I stand in this storm and reach out for you I know you’ll hear my cry and rescue me. Whether there’s an issue in me that needs to be fixed or a lesson to be learned I know that what I am enduring is because you love me so. I am your daughter and I ask myself why did I ever doubt you and the answer tears me up. I have drafted myself to play a role in society that I was not built for. I was born to be your daughter and I allowed society to dictate who I should be. I am a woman with a father who is King. I love you and all you stand for. If I fail today it is because I seek to be like people but people will break me every time. I must always seek you for all I need.

Lord, I want to be like you! We may be going through some tough struggles but I know you will bring me through. Lord, lead me to the path you have laid out for me and give me the strength to do the work you have called me to do. Lord, I am willing to be your servant and to help those sent for my guidance to you. Today, my burden is light but my situation is in the middle of transition. I’m screaming that there’s a praise in me.

Things are turning around and I am claiming it in your name! Things are going to be alright because you said it would. Lord, bills mount but Jesus will fix it; rent is due but my Lord will provide; my job is in jeopardy but God will move this mountain and a greater job is coming. Food is short but by God’s grace we are not hungry. I have faith that this too will move. I may be fighting this battle with no Earthly being by my side but I have the ultimate being with me every step of the way. There’s a praise in me! My debt will be cleared, my days of struggling are over and my time is now.

Lord, there is a mighty praise in my heart for you and Lord I just want to say Thank you for loving me and blessing me. Thank you for paving a way for me! Thank you for touching and anointing me! Thank You!

To every one who may read this God is coming and this is your season. There’s a shift coming and your name has been called and your prayers will come into existence because he has heard your prayers and he is wiping every tear. Things may be rough right now in life, marriage and family ties but God is about to turn it around in your favor. Keep believing, trusting and having faith because He’s coming to fix it for you!


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