I Trust in Your Plan, Lord


As I write this message this morning, I am smiling. Yesterday was pretty rough on me emotionally and I was beating myself down and I allowed the devil a few moments of my time. Lord, I am sorry!

This smile I know is a sign from you that everything will be alright. Today is a new day and I can feel a shift in the atmosphere and I know you are working in my favor.

The devil wanted me to beat myself up and drown in the pain that my family inflicts upon me but I am a child of God’s and nothing constructed to bring me despair will prosper because I serve an amazing God who have decided to take this journey and every other journey with me and I am glad about it.

I had to look at the bigger picture, despite all we are going through in life God has blessed us and I am thankful. Last night I shared laughter with two of my kids and had an amazing conversation with my oldest. Although he is young it amazed me how much he loves the Lord and his outlook on everything that is happening. I saw God tell me I was doing a good job as their mother and I am so thankful that the Lord delivered that powerful message through my son. Although bills are due, nothing has been cancelled and I can only say God is working. Although my rent is due we haven’t been asked to leave. We may not have much but God has provided the necessities that were needed to survive another day. The most important thing is our life and health and the fact that we are all together. I am thankful and filled with praise because I know God is moving mountains in our favor.

There is a shift in the tide and I know God is about to make the impossible possible. I know there is a blessing coming and our break through is near, not just for me but for a few people in this world. God is about to walk you into your season and give us all amazing testimonials. We will no longer struggle because God has heard our prayers and he is answering them all.

God, I am walking in favor because you said I am and I am destined for greatness. I thank you for this smile that you have given me this day and Lord I ask that you continue to use me as you see fit. Give me the strength to endure each day and to do it with joy in my heart. Bless to continue to share my life and whoever I am supposed to help I know you’ll show me the way and if I am doing this for my own healing then my Lord I am thankful enough to accept it all in your name.

Father, I know I am a work in progress but Lord I live for you, I just want to be the daughter you have called me to be. Lord, I want to spread your word and to do it with a sincere heart and honest lip. Lord, touch me to do your will. Continue to bless me as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and Christian, because I have set my heart on you. I want to be delivered from my life of sin and society’s views because I want to live by your standards. Lord, I ask that you continue to increase my faith. Lord, I love you and I thank you! Forgive me for my yesterday and bless my today!


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