James 4:7 – Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Lord, I submit myself to you in all that I do! This has not always been the case but I have always had a heart after God but I had to learn to endure some of the things I went through in life. God was not my enemy but he was my everything but I was blind by what had transpired here on Earth. My God is awesome and I have come to realize that no matter the storms I have faced God has always been my side. As I restart the learning of all He does I am thankful for all he has brought me through. I wish to have a true relationship with God better than the one I’ve had with him.

I want the Lord to be happy with all I do in his name. I want to share his word and be the one who stands alone if I must when praising him for all he is. I want to be the woman that gives my heart freely and forgive those who have hurt me. I know I’m on the right path because forgiveness has already begun in my heart. I can not continue to hold hatred in my heart for those who did wrong because I too have done wrong. How can I ask God to forgive me but not forgive those.

I want to be the lady who the devil flees from because he sees the annointing God has placed upon her. Do I fall short? Yes, at the very moment that I type this I am not where I need to be but I am thankful enough to know I’m not where I was. God has done some amazing things in my life and I must take account for all the wrongs I have done. I have hurt people in my path and even if it was not intentional it was done. I can’t say I haven’t done evil for evil because I have but I have turned my life over to God to do his will in my life.

I submit to God to follow his standards for my life and to do his will according to his purpose. I don’t lead a perfect life but I will continue to live every day for God, perfecting what I have done wrong and learning as I go. There’s a lot in my past that has brought me great shame but it was not a burden for me to carry but I carried anyways. Today, I release those burdens because the Lord is my shepherd and this is not the weight he has given to me. Sometimes, we carry the burden that doesn’t belong to us!

I am the daughter of a king but I forgot how to submit. I am the Lord’s creation and I will live my life as an example to every one that the Lord is everything we need!

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