She Fought a Good Fight and Won the Battle

R.I.P. Kyssi Andrews
R.I.P. Kyssi Andrews

Hello, her name is Kyssi Andrews and she is a 6yr old cancer survivor and one very dear to my heart. Her mother’s name is Marla and she was dedicated to her daughter and the cause. I never had the pleasure of meeting Princess Kyssi and her mother but I followed her story and cared for her just like my own family. I decided to write this piece about her and her mother because they were truly on the battle field for the Lord.

Kyssi had to endure a lot in her life and her major battle was the fight for her life. I watch as she faced each trial with a smile on her face and joy in her heart. Even though, she was going through treatments she never let her joy leave her and she cared just as much for the fans who followed her, prayed for her and helped her mom along the way. They were known as Kyssi;s Angels, these were people who did selfless acts such as gifts, contributions and making sure her mom was okay as she continued to be by her daughter’s side.

Kyssi is the image of God’s true love for us all. She was one creative little girl, very stylish and humbled in heart. I remember watching every video her mom posted, every update she gave the world and every picture posted of her daughter. One video that stands out the most was during her treatment when things started to get really bad and she was crying out for her FaceBooks friends and family because she wanted them all with her. It was amazing to see her strength during those moments. Kyssi was loved by the world and she gave the world a reason to fight.

She gave hope to a better day, she gave a smile to a broken heart, she gave joy to all. I remember seeing her dressed as a little police officer and state trooper and my heart melt because the joy in her heart was bringing so many people out to fight for the cause and cure of cancer. She never seemed down or angry about the situations she faced but she embraced it in every thing she did. She wasn’t my daughter biologically but she was my child.

Kyssi Andrews was a gift to this world from God his self and her life was shared with us all by her mom. She showed us what our God wanted us to see. She was so close to God that he shined in her and no matter where she went people were drawn to her. Through pain and treatment after treatment Kyssi fought with everything she had in her and God lifted her. She would visit friends in the hospital and she had a huge fan base. Kyssi Andrews lived a life many of us only dream of because she trusted in God and all He could do in life.

I was overwhelmed by strong she was and the way she loved people. She taught me a lot while I followed her story. No matter what we endure in this lifetime, do with love in our hearts and share it with the world. Kyssi Andrews will forever live in us all and I will continue to be “Kyssi Strong.”

Her mom, Mrs. Marla, I applaud her for all she is and all she has done and will continue to do. She stood by her daughter from diagnosis to the beginning. She did it without hesitation and never stopped a beat. She introduced her child to God and never allowed her to forget who he was or what he was capable of doing. She knew God’s love because of the foundation her mother started from birth. Mrs. Marla had every right to be angry, hurt and sad but she stood strong, courageous and determined to give Kyssi the support, love and care that she needed to fight this battle. She knew the battle was not either of theirs so she took it to God in prayer.

Kyssi’s Angels was there for her every step of the way giving encouragement, and whatever else was needed during all this. She had encouragement and prayers from the world around her as well. See I have seen parents fight but Mrs. Marla did it with a smile on her face. I guess you can see how mother and daughter fed off each other through God’s presence in their life. She stood tall and always gave her baby the reassurance that God was there with them every step of the way. Mrs. Marla was her guide and she led her child to the Lord.

Mrs. Marla introduced her daughter to the world and allowed the world to into their lives. She stayed strong and the world will forever be thankful for her giving us her daughter to share. I must say it was hard hearing the news that Kyssi had past but we all knew she received her wings because she had did the work of the Lord’s. Her mom allowed every one to be a part of her home going celebration and that was a selfless act by a true woman of God.

Kyssi fought a good fight and won her battle. She went home to be with the Lord where she no longer has cancer, no more treatments, needles or meds. She is free, in the arms of our Lord with that curly head of hair. I know she is giving angels fashion tips as she watches over her mother and family and the world who held her dear.

Mrs. Marla thanks for sharing your angel with us all. She touched so many by her smile and humbled attitude. You did a great job in being a mother and fighter. Your strength showed in every step you took and in Kyssi herself. She will always be remembered and will forever live on through all of us. Kyssi got her wings and she beat cancer!

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