Heavenly Father,

As I prepare to go under the knife in the morning. I know you’ve already laid the foundation for healing and that you will be there every step of the way. Lord, I’ve called your name enough but I know you don’t mind but I thank you in advance.

I ask you touch my surgeon’s hands and guide his team to do the work you have placed them here to do. I ask that you bless me to have a successful surgery and that you place your healing grace upon me. Lord, I know that you’ve prepared me for this battle and that I am equipped for this.

I ask that you bless my mother to have the strength to watch over the boys while I am away. Although, she’s done this enough I know her health is not what it use to be but I know you’re able to do what we can not.

Lord, I trust you with my life and I have faith in all you do. Whatever happens on this table I know it is your will and although, fear is still in my heart it will not prevent me from praising you. I will continue to lift your name up and talk of your works. My son will be accompanying me and Lord I ask you to touch him because I know he will be scared the entire time but God give him assurance he needs.

Lord he knows you and your love but I know seeing his mom in this vulnerable state will have him on edge but I will be ok no matter the outcome. Lord, I thank you in advance for all you do and I ask for your guidance throughout this ordeal. Thank for the friends who have sent theri kinds words and for family who have called to check on me.

I know you’re working in my favor and I thank you!


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