My Father

Dear God,

It took me awhile to comprehend how you could love me so. I found myself broken by the image I felt was the one I needed but you had other plans. It took me awhile to understand that I am royalty, not by the standards of society’s but by your own accord. I stand in favor.

I am a daughter of the KING and I have to readjust my crown and hold my head up high because you sent your son to die for my sins. I walk in favor because I was made in your image. If I keep trying to live by society’s standards I will keep failing you my Father. I wish to be the daughter that you could be proud of.

My inheritance was already in place but I searched for riches here on Earth because I was mislead by the views of others. I learned the hard way who I was but I had to learn. I know my riches is in the things I do for others and the words I share among a crowd. I should please my father because it’s all he truly asks.

My Earth father is no longer a part of this equation because he has already reached home but I know the one I must desire is the one who walks with me daily. I thank you for the revelation I have had because it showed me the direction in which I must travel. I am destined for greatness and every trial I face is only to make me more humbled and prepared for my Father’s appearance.

God, I am thankful that you have always been the father I needed in my life. You were there for every disappointment, every broken heart and you have carried me most of my life. You were there for the joys of motherhood, the surgeries and the sickness. You were there every time cancer was discussed and you said not my child this day but you gave me a story to tell. You were right by myself as the tears dropped from eyes on multiple occasions and shared every laugh. Lord, you have been my rock.

You have been the support I needed, the protection I asked for and the guidance when everyone else led me astray. You stayed close even when I ignored you and embraced being alone but every time I called out your name you came to my rescue even if it was just to say I’m here. I thank for delivering me from the life I led and for embracing me during the hard times.

It took awhile for me to get comfortable with sharing my heart with the world but you gave me strength to hold my head up high. You knew I had my faults but you loved me just the same. It was you who held me close when I wanted it to end and it was your words that kept me going forward. Lord, I have disappointed you a lot but you have always opened your arms to allow me to return to you and Father I thank you for always being there for me.

I know I am not perfect but I will continue to give my all to be the daughter you have called me to be, even if I lose people along the way. I know my journey does not include everyone but I know along this path others will come and some may be there for me to guide just as you have guided me. Lord, I am thankful for the road you have led me on and I ask Father that you continue to work through me. I ask that you continue to be the driving force in my heart and to always know that nothing on Earth is permanent. This life is temporary and you are forever. I am focused on you my Father and I know the road will be tough but every step I take will be worth the effort.

I ask that you continue to bless me and to bless others and to forgive me of every sin I have committed. I pray that I am able to bless others and to spread the word you will have me deliver and to always be driven to have the heart you desire for others. Lord, I just want to please you!


Your Daughter


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