Struggling but Praying

Lord, although the road ahead is dark. I pray for guidance to guide me through each day as they come. I didn’t come from money but I always understood hard work. Sometimes life gets overwhelming but I trust in your abilities to see me through. I have a heart of giving even when only words is all I have. I trust that you’ll provide even when I can’t.

I know you said we’ll never go without and even when the world disappoints me I know you will not. I have many material things taken from me but I know my faith lies in you. Lord, sometimes I get frustrated with life and start to allow my mind to wander but then I realize how truly blessed I am. I am living the life chosen for me.

Everything was not covered in gold and I had to struggle to gain my own but I am thankful for the trials I have had to endure because they have shown me how strong I truly am. Lord, when I am weak I ask you for the strength to continue on the path you have laid out for me. I turn to you when there’s nothing more I can do.

Lord, I ask you to be my guide when the road ahead seems to send me on a curve and I’m unaware of what lies ahead. Bills come and mount up and there seems to be no way to pay them all or even one. It’s when I need you most. I struggle through it all often stumbling to understand but I rely on you to make this path better.

Lord, my struggles mean I need to pray more but sometimes the words I need never seem to come but I know you hear the words I just can not say. My tears are windows to a broken heart but I know you understand those just as much. Lord, I have strayed away from you before but I wish to do no more. I just want to see you upon that day and sit with you. Lord, I know my struggles each come with a lesson for me to learn and I try to catch it all.

Lord, my struggles are real but so are you. Lord I need you every moment I’m awake and your protection throughout the night. I have so many depending on me and I seem to fail sometimes but Lord I know you are Lord and I lean on you. I lean to you for all I need and know you’ll light my way.

So Lord as I struggle please hear my cries. Give me the peace I need to endure another trial. Guide me on the path you have laid out for me. Use me as you see fit and fulfill your purpose in my life. Bless me to always keep you first and to talk to you even when my struggle breaks me down. Lord continue to allow me to grow in you and your word. Guide me always.


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