Thank You Lord

Today, as I write my heart is heavy but not from sadness but pure joy. Although I did not graduate high school, dropped out senior year second semester, today words can’t express the joy in my heart. Today, my oldest son will walk across the stage as an honor student, athletic scholar and will be graduating this day.

I am more than proud of him for his accomplishments and I scream to the Lord with every fiber in my heart saying THANK YOU. My son grew up with just me as a parent. He didn’t come from money but he knows he’s loved. Although he was conceived through rape it has not distracted him from being successful. He has always know the truth and he used it as a stepping stone to motivate him in all he does.

He’s 17 with no kids, no record and he is highly discussed among his teachers about how he has grown, achieved and dedicated his self to his work and education. It brings me great joy to see him reach a milestone in life that I did not accomplish. I thank God every day for the blessing of watching him grow and for trusting me with such a gift that I have the privilege to have for a limited time.

He has faced adversity and his road is not complete but I thank God for each blessing he has allowed him to see. Today may not mean a lot to others but to me is a moment I’ll cherish in my heart forever. My son is motivation of what’s to come. Even when my heart is filled with burdens I look at him and know God is able. This has been a long road but I am so glad he has found his way and he is making paths with God by his side.

Words can not express how much this child means to me but I’ll continue to thank God for every moment shared with him. It was my gift from Heaven and I pray I have given him the foundation to live a full life with God guiding him every step of the way. I’ll pray for his success in life and I ask God to continue to bless his heart with the compassion and love he has for family and others. His determination to help those in need even when he find his self in difficult circumstances. I pray he continues to smile and grab every opportunity that God sends his way and never to forget who God is and the relationship they have built over the years.

Lord, today I am reminded of all things good and today I am thankful for my silver lining after a tragedy. Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to be a mother to such a great young man who has taken every trial and prayed his way through and now he has reached the sun. I know his future is bright and you’ll continue to watch over him. Lord, thank you for blessing my son to be the child you have destined him to be and so much more. I will continue to lead him to you in every way and I ask that you continue to light his path and guide his footsteps down as he begins this new journey.

Lord, this day I am thankful to see and to share with my son! I am thankful for his life and the spirit you have given him.I am thankful for our moments together and for every goal he has reached. Lord, I am thankful for the tears I shed over him and for him. I am thankful for every event and laughter that we have shared and I am thankful for who he is. Lord, without you this would not be possible so I say Thank You.

Lord, today I can say to my son a job well done because you have blessed him this day to be a high school graduate and given him the path to a better life. I can’t praise you enough or begin to thank you but I’ll simple say I Love you for being you, being able, and for being the foundation that kept his life, and helped me raise him to the best of my abilities trusting in you as Our Father every step of the way.

Thank You


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