He Saved Me

Let me share this amazing testimony with you!

I have always been given a gift, sometimes it comes with fear but no matter what it’s always a blessing.

I had been at my job a little over a week. I had an hour travel time to and from work. Although, I worked the even shift I had never experienced a moment of drowsiness like this one particular night. Well it was a little after 10p and I was on my journey home. It had been a fairly easy night and I was eager to get home but I wasn’t tired. Well on my drive to and from work I pass through four smaller cities before arriving at work. So as I am on my way home I pass through the first town and I notice my body grows tired almost instantaneously and I am yawning but not sleepy. I know my body and this is strange so I start to slow down, the speed limit is 30, but I am driving even slower. Now once again I am not sleepy but I start seeing little bunnies running back and forth across the road. Anyone who knows me knows I love animals so I slow down even more but trying to adjust myself to get a grip on things. Well I continue my journey home and come to this long hwy on a country road. I know this road well but it is filled with cattle, hogs, boars, deers and etc. The biggest issue is the deer!

Well as I get to this road to make my turn my vision is really playing tricks on me so the speed limit is now 60 but since I have experience these weird moments I am driving 30. This is not a problem very few travel this road with me. As I enter the road I get maybe a mile before I am rammed by 8 deer running and the buck of the group turns and sticks his head in the front fender of my car. My lights go out, my car slows down and I can smell the musty smell of smoke. It’s when I noticed my car was smoking. I started to panic thinking the car would explode or catch fire. So I get out but hey I am on a dark road with no help, I need to get back in.

Watch God: I decide to try to drive the car to get it out the road in case more traffic decides to come through. I notice a bright light and as I come to it, I notice a group of people enjoying a nice barn fire so I decide to stop. Once I get the car out the road I go to get out but I notice everyone is gone and nothing is there but a street light. Now I can hear the coyotes so I get back in the car but I feel safe as I wait. I call home to let my family know what had happened and a tow company to come pick me up. I was there an hour but it was God who sent those people to give me calmness. It was him who helped me find a safe place to sit and wait. It was because of God I was able to slow down because he knew those deers would be coming and if I had been going any faster I would have been dead or seriously injured. The tow guy said he was shocked that it was not worst but I say God saved me. My car was totaled but I was fine. God sent angels to guide me and slow me down.

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