Lord, Forgive Me of My Sins!

Lord, I been so selfish living my life by society’s standards. I have been selfish in my trust because I trusted in man. I’ve been living in a wilderness because I failed to trust in you. Lord, I humble my heart as I come in repentance of my sin. Lord, my life is not my own for I am a vessel for you. Lord, I ask that you remove all my iniquities and fill me with your holiness. Lord, I need you in my life more than worldly possessions. Lord, I give my all to you.

Lord, I ask you to guide me on the path to a better relationship with you. Lord, I ask that you cleanse my mind, body and soul as I return to you. Lord, heal my broken heart and deliver me from the sins I am filled with. I want to be more like you! You are my provider, my healer, doctor, lawyer, friend but more importantly you are my Savior.

Lord, I have been selfish in my desires and I have lost my focus. You said, “come unto to you all who are weak and weary.” Lord, I am weak and weary. Lord, the load I carry is heavy and I feel the world on my shoulders and I come to you in prayer. Lord, man can not do what you are capable of but I have laid my trust in him and because of that my burden is great.

Father God, I need your healing grace and mercy. I am not my own but I am a creation of you. Lord, hear my cries and my prayers. I wish to walk with you and to give my all for your calling and purpose in my life. I’ve held on to this anger in my heart because of the wrongs man has done to me but Lord I know you can fix this. Lord, I know that only you can change my circumstances right now but Lord I trust in you if your answer is no.

Lord, I need you every waking second because I can not do this alone. I tried my way but your way is better. Lord, I walk in darkness but you are light. My body is weak and my heart is broken because I chose the desires of man. Lord, you said,”ask and I shall receive, seek and I shall find, knock and it shall be open unto me.” Well Lord I ask for forgiveness from my sins and for your control and guidance in my life. I seek your salvation, redemption and restoration to be more like you in all I door. Lord, I am knocking. Father.

Lord, I kneel before you this day, as your child asking to be forgiven. My heart is heavy but I was born your child, in your image destined for greatness but I lost my way. Lord, I need to return home but more importantly I need you Father. Always


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