God Will Make a Way

I know God and I have my own testimonies to share about how great he has been in my life. My trials started early in life but nothing God didn’t turn around in my favor. I am grateful to be able to share my stories and hopefully I will be able to help someone along the way.

Seventeen years ago I was raped by a classmate. Although my future never included kids, it also included me not wanting to lose my virginity until marriage but because of some one’s decision, things changed. I found myself pregnant at fourteen. Although, I was young and very immature I knew that the road ahead would be tough but God is an able God. Abortion didn’t come to mind because I was afraid of what God would say if I murdered this child. No, I am not passing judgment on anyone but simple disclosing my thoughts at the time for myself. However, adoption did cross my mind. I filled out the papers and everything but I was told to hold my child before I made any decisions regarding his life. Funny how awesome God is.

I held my son and for the first time I knew there was a such thing as love at first sight. He was perfect and now I have a real doll in my hands that would love me and look for me to help him through this chaotic world. I didn’t quite understand then but God had blessed me with this little soul. My son would not have made it to this world if it had not been for this tragedy. My rape showed me the true blessing of motherhood and for that alone I am thankful.

At fourteen I will not tell you the road was not hard being a single mom, a teen and student. My home life had not been easy from jump. I dropped out of school senior year, second semester because I was working, a mom and life got tough. I got my GED and continued to raise my son and allow myself to evolve as a young lady, mother and person. I worked hard to provide for him and to be the role model he needed. I spent many nights in tears wondering if I was doing what was in his best interest. I started to really grow into a mother for him because I did not want him to face the same trials I endured.

Today, this young man is graduating with honors, he excelled in sports, and he’s more than I imaged he would be. He is such a joy to have in my life. He has a loving heart, a bright smile and eager to learn. Sure this hasn’t been an easy task but it has been a joy for me. For so long I wondered why did I have to endure this tragedy as a child but today I am thankful for this blessing that God destined me for. I thank God for allowing him to see seventeen years of life, for every accomplishment he’s reached and for milestone he has demolished. If it had not been for the Lord, he may not have been here but I know for sure I wouldn’t have such a marvelous testimony as to how a rape turned into such an awesome blessing. #foreverinhisfavor


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